To complement its mission to alleviate poverty, Dolma Foundation provides analytical and consulting services on economic and climate policy within the country of Nepal. It is affiliated with Dolma Impact Fund (the first international impact investment fund for Nepal) and Dolma Advisors Pte. Ltd. (a Kathmandu-based consultancy), and as such brings expertise on the realities of investing in Nepal. As such, our analysis has a pragmatic tone, based on our on-the-ground knowledge of what is realistic and implementable.

Dolma has worked on projects for clients including DFID (UK Department for International Development) and the Advanced Energy Centre in Ontario Canada. 

Example reports:

Going Global Report - Nepal Hydropwer and Renewables
Published by Ontario, Canada's Advanced Energy Centre and Dolma Impact Fund


Renewable Energy - Hydropower
Private Sector opportunities in Renewable Energy (hydro focus)

Hydropower is an attractive sector for investors. Increasing domestic demand fuelled by rising consumption, industrial growth and potential to export to India are the key growth drivers for grid power in Nepal.

Private sector investment opportunities in agriculture sector

Significant demand-supply gap exists in the agricultural sector; providing overall market opportunity of USD 1.3 - 1.4BN for private sector activity.

Private Sector opportunities in Healthcare

Investment opportunities include, tertiary hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, with market opportunity of USD 170MN to USD 200MN.

Private Sector opportunities in Tourism

Attractive opportunities in hotels, eco-lodges and QSR chains.

Private sector investment opportunities in Education Sector

Quality of education is a key concern. Technology and skill based education are expected to play a key role in improving quality of education and the segment is expected to grow at a healthy rate in near future.

Regulatory Issues
Regulatory Issues in Private Equity Investment in Nepal

Report identifies and recommends key regulatory reforms for development of risk capital market in Nepal.

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