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Dolma Foundation (formerly Dolma Development Fund) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2003 to alleviate poverty by investing in education, health and sustainable businesses in Nepal. Since the devastating earthquakes of 25th April and 12th May 2015, we have been delivering emergency aid to the remote communities we know so well, and helping to rebuild the villages and lives of survivors.
  • As an education sponsor for the poorest, we transform the lives of children and their families for generations to come.
  • In health, we help remote communities and children with disabilities reach the care they need.
  • As an impact investor, we unleash the power of local communities to generate income and pride.
Our Community Partnership Model is at the heart of what we do. These partnerships bring us close to on-the-ground needs and cultural sensitivities, while directly involving local people in the programmes and businesses we help create. We live in awe of cultures leading timeless, peaceful lives according to the limits of the land. Such cultures have plenty to teach wealthier communities about true sustainability and lower-stress lifestyles. Thus we learn from our partner communities in a mutual exchange of human expertise.
Dolma Foundation is a voluntary UK charity. This minimises overhead and ensures that donations arrive intact to their beneficiaries – the poorest communities in Nepal.
Dolma Foundation is regulated by the UK Charity Commission with registration number 1150624.
Dolma is also a Nepali NGO registered with the Social Welfare Council with affiliation number 39424.
  • Provide education, health, and necessary services towards socially and economically marginalised people in remote parts of Nepal to uplift their living standard.
  • Conduct assessment, research and analysis for development and improvement of private businesses and provide advice as required.
  • To support and assist in growth and promotion of sustainable, eco-friendly tourism.
Core Values
Sustainable Enterprise
The Dolma Foundation works with poor, rural partner communities to build sustainable businesses that benefit the community and the environment. Any profits or returns made by the Foundation are reinvested in other projects or our education programmes. We are active partners in these businesses ensuring that the models are sustainable, that they are achieving the required positive impact, and that they ultimately succeed. We believe that applying such commercial forms of investment partnership, in addition to our pure giving, trains local communities to operate with a realistic cost base and prepares for future business growth and success.
Cultural & Spiritual Biodiversity
The cultural value of biological diversity conservation for present and future generations is an important reason for conserving it today. Human cultures co-evolve with their environment, and therefore the conservation of biological diversity can also be important for cultural identity. The natural environment provides many inspirational, aesthetic, spiritual and educational needs of people from all cultures both now and in the future.
The aesthetic values of our natural ecosystems and landscapes contribute to the emotional and spiritual well being of a highly urbanised population. The conservation of biological diversity also has ethical benefits. The presence of a wide range of living organisms reminds people that they are but one interdependent part of Earth.
Aboriginal relationships to the land and sea, and its animals and plants are complex. To these people the land and sea have deep spiritual, economic, social, protective and recreational significance. Biological diversity conservation can contribute to the conservation of Aboriginal cultural identity. Landscapes also reflect cultural diversity. We value this diversity because it contributes to our sense of belonging. It is the essence of our interpretation of viewing reality. Landscapes have embodied local history and inspired the imaginations of different populations for thousands of years.
How we started?
One of the most influential figures in starting the Dolma Foundation in 2003 was the girl who donated her name to the Fund. Dolma is from the village of Bridim and was 9 years old when she and her family met our founder Tim Gocher. She became the first child to receive a Dolma Foundation scholarship. Many hundreds have now followed her.

Give a Future, Give Education

Day Scholars

For those within walking distance

£ 35.00 per month

Boarding Scholars

For those not within walking distance

£ 85.00 per month

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